About Us

Youthstrength is an organisation passionate about young peoples’ success in all aspects of their financial and economic life. We are focussed on equipping youths with practical information and business support tools to tap into the opportunities available within the society they live and to develop empowered individuals capable of becoming a positive contributor to the community which they live.

Our programmes are focussed on synergising a team of experts who are successful in their various fields for the purpose of bringing their expertise to bear in developing and nurturing the dreams and aspirations of the young person.

We seek to positively engage government, the private sector and various stakeholders by contributing to youth policy development which have the potential to provide opportunities for youths in the area of training, skills acquisition and job creation.

What We do

We support young entrepreneurs (16-35 years) to start, grow and sustain their businesses enabling them to create jobs, build communities and transform lives. Focus on young people with a viable business ideas but without access to the support structures. Empowering young people to succeed in running their own businesses is part of the solution of youth unemployment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to sustain the fight against youth poverty in Nigeria by focusing on the entrepreneurship abilities of the young people helping them build businesses capable of reversing the poverty trend in the country.

Our Strategy

Our vision – Youth entrepreneurship recognised for driving sustainable economic development locally and nationally, creating jobs and strengthening communities.

Our Stretch Strategy

Our focus in the next 5 year is to support 100 young people to start or grow a business by delivering a range of entrepreneurship support services from training and mentoring to have access to finance and other business development services, connect and support expert organisations, partners and young people.

The Youthstrength Summit


Young entrepreneurs, business owners, career-minded, visionaries and leaders, this is your exclusive invitation to attend the Youthstrength Summit, at (Venue to be added later).


The Youthstrength Summit, is where young visionaries, entrepreneurs, business leaders, organisations and major stakeholders in youth business and financial empowerment gather to share successful insights and strategies for personal and business achievements.

As a TYS attendee, you’ll be learning from top industry experts on strategies for financing your business ideas, money-making strategies in the Nigerian economy, financial investment opportunities for young people, success stories to motivate you achieve your business goals and a great networking opportunities with industry leaders.

On October 12, 2019, at VANTAGE HUB, 5th floor Mosesola House103, Allen Avenue, Ikeja Lagos. Youthstrength will lead this highly anticipated summit alongside a lineup of illustrious industry thought leaders and facilitators.

It also promises to be fun.

Will you be there ?



VANTAGE HUB, 5th floor Mosesola House103, Allen Avenue, Ikeja Lagos


12TH OCTOBER, 2019